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Treatment of internal/external hemorrhoids, fissure in ano, and fistula in ano by Kshar- sutra is possible without surgery and with negligible reoccurrence.

Kshar-sutra treatment is well researched procedure for treatment of hemorrhoids, fistula in ano and fissure in ano associated with sentinel pile. Indian council of medical research (ICMR) has tried this technique on patients for ten years and then declared this procedure the safest procedure for treatment of this type of diseases.

Ministry of Health, Department of AYUSH organized a National campaign on Kshar sutra technique of Ayurveda for the treatment of Fistula-in-Ano and piles in New Delhi in August 2007. The scientific presentation and research data made available at the campaign convinced the participants, specially the allopathic doctors to adopt Kshar sutra as a better management technique for Fistula-in-Ano. One of the major recommendations of the national campaign was to organize state level campaigns on Kshar sutra so that Kshar sutra centers are established in district hospitals, community hospitals and medical college’s hospitals. Task Forces have been constituted both at the National and State level to implement the programme in the States.

Kshara-sutra is a special Ayurvedic treatment, which was developed recently. There is however very little thoughts on kshara-sutra as medicated threads in Sushruta Samhita and Bhavprakasha. The specific treatment is used to cure anal fistula and piles. There are also researches going on to develop similar treatments for almost all kinds of skin diseases.

Kshar literally means ash. In kshara-sutra, a thread is coated with Ayurvedic herbs 14 to 21 times. Kshar or kshara means a substance with alkaline (basic) properties. Each coating has different medicines and ash (kshar) of Ayurvedic herbs. The threads thus prepared are applied to the pile mass area. There is complete medication for all the tissues of the area. When there are excess fibrous tissues, the cutting rate can slow down. In normal cases, it will cut through unwanted tissues at 1 cm (one cm) per week.

There are several advantages for Kshar-sutra over surgical procedures. The first among them is the little time required for hospitalization. There are no bleeding or painful dressings after the therapy. Another benefit is the very low recurring rate of 2%, which is minimal when compared to surgical procedure. The medicines coated in the thread heal the tissue completely. There will also be no big scars left after the procedure.

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