Fustula in Ano (Bhagandar)

An anal fistula, or fistula-in-ano, is an abnormal connection between the epithelialised surface of the anal canal and (usually) the perianal skin.

Anal fistulae originate from the anal glands, which are located between the two layers of the anal sphincters and which drain into the anal canal. If the outlet of these glands becomes blocked, an abscess can form which can eventually point to the skin surface. The tract formed by this process is the fistula.


Diagnosis is by examination, either in an outpatient setting or under anesthesia (referred to as EUA - Examination Under Anaesthesia). The examination can be an anoscopy.


There are several stages to treating an anal fistula:

Kshar-sutra Treatment:

This method is most effective non surgical method. This treatment can be done by an Ayurvedic physician. In this method medicated Kshar-sutra is applied through the fistula tract with the help of special probe and it is changed weekly. Within few weeks the fistula tract is cured. Successful rate in this treatment are tremendous. Few surgeons who are aware of this treatment are also suggesting this treatment to the patients.

Treating active infection:

Some patients will have active infection when they present with a fistula, and this requires clearing up before definitive treatment can be decided.

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